Just some of my random thoughts/rants/what-not that pop into my head at any given moment that I feel don't belong on the main page. Spelling and grammer is fuxx0r3d here, and it's basically my page to go off on and I'll probably piss someone off, (And if one of them happens to be a freind, let me say right now: I'm sorry, but this my thoughts on certain things.) so deal with it.

Apr 18, 2003 08:15 CDT: Actually, I should've posted this a year ago.

This page is dead. Long live the LiveJournal.

[Mood] Stupid freaking cabbit. :P Tired.
[Music] Nothing. :P
[Wants] Sleep: Now. To remember to do the [Wants] thing on the LJ: Yeah, I'll start doing it again.

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